A Safe Environment is essential. All adults over 18 must complete the safe environment protocols. 

1. Complete the Registration form on this page

3. Complete the Volunteer Agreement

3. 18+ years and older: Contact your local RCMP or City Police and obtain a criminal record check. To receive a personalized letter from the Camp requesting the  record check, please contact Garth 306-981-3803  gvhettrick at

4. Complete the online Virtus Course, selecting Legion of Christ, using your address (if your postal code doesn't work please use 06410). Forward the certificate to Garth.

5. Complete the Safe Environment Questionnaire

6. Read the Volunteer Policies and Procedures Manual 

Under 18 Counselors:

1. Complete the registration form on this page

2. Complete the online Virtus Course, forward the certificate to Garth.

3. Read the Volunteer Policies and Procedures Manual 

4. Complete the Under 18 Permission to Participate form found on the Registration Page

5. Complete the Authorization to Dispense Medication form if applicable.

Apply to be a COUNSELOR

Bring your leadership and mentorships skills and grow in your faith with this dynamic and fun summer boy's camp.

Summer doesn't get much better than this.
Limited spots available.
16+ years and older.
Counselor Training Day: August 11th


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Dads and Adults volunteers are welcome to join us, please contact Garth directly.

Adults attending for a day or two only need to sign the "Release/ Waiver/ Indemnification for Activities 18 years and older" form. Copies will also be available onsite.